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May 20, 2012
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SHAMELESS 1 by Stratophobia SHAMELESS 1 by Stratophobia
THE FIRST GROUP OF SHAMELESS. (Well, Shameless don't PARTICULARLY go into a group. This is just a random order. I need to finish coloring or drawing the other Shameless.

Exde: OH. OH, THIS IS SUCH a fucking honor. I always have to do this bullshit.

Shameless Lust
Swan/Dolphin/Ox Demon
Ever since humanity felt sexual desire, or in modern vulgar terms, the need to fuck, this Shameless was developing. And thanks to mostly everyone's ridiculous desire to... well... fuck, this baby's still growing!! Woo-fucking-hoo! She's one of the strongest Shameless around. She has a shit ton of pawns to control because they themselves are drones with nothing more but a desire to get it on.
Despite what she is, she's mostly a voyeur; she watches deviance take place and simply feeds off of it. The feeling of watching others just--you saw this coming--fuck, or whatever you horny little kids do these days, is enough for her to get off to. But on rare occassions she'll get too... ughh.. riled up, and she'll need a little... assistance.
And before you say, 'Oh my gosshhh, ewwwewww, wait she likes bondaaage? Are you fucking seriou--SHE LIKES EVERYTHING. She's fucking LUST. But hey, I guess she PREFERS to wear that shit to show just how much she's into things like that.

Shameless Envy
Even though she's flat as a fucking ironing board, she IS a female. But I guess that just makes her stronger because she can envy people with big tits. I dunno--ANYFUCKINGWAY. This Shameless is made up of jealousy. The feeling that one deserves something that someone else has, but they can't quite get their hands on it. That feeling festers, and there's always the, 'I wish I had' running through your head or coming out of your mouth. Truth is, you can't always fucking get what you waaa-ant THANKS ROLLING STOOOONEESSS you moralistic DICKS that I love.
Thanks to you guys always wanting something you can't have and not moving on and taking what you get and being GRATEFUL, this rather... VIOLENT bunny exists. You have something she doesn't have? She will HATE you for it. And if you linger too long, she will fucking MUTILATE you. But she won't take what you have. She kills you to feel better because now YOU no longer exist in her book, therefore there's no more competition, and she won't have to worry about having what former you had.

Shameless Conformity

Caribou Demon
Yes, there's good conformity in which you learn to be a more positive character and all that cheesy shit. But there's also bad conformity. Swetch is the 'I'll follow along like a sheep and not be myself and roleplay something I'm not' kind of conformity, which is bad.
She started off as emotionless/'maskless', and she's more of a 'symbolic' conventionality than actual conventionality. She will feed off of other peoples' emotions and thus learn them, but she will become stronger off of the emotions that leave a negative effect. Fortunately, she isn't much of a threat and I guess she's a pretty cool bro because she tries to get along with people who are the most emotional. She tries to communicate, but will at sometimes express a violent or intimidating emotion accidentally that will scare the SHIT out of people or make them wary around her, then she'll go into something she's very familiar with--a BREAKDOWN--and start fucking things up. 'Tantrum' was her first action she was introduced to, so she obviously knows what she's doing with that shit.
Now, how she gathers emotions is a really peculiar thing. When she absorbs different forms of emotions, she'll spawn a lil' emotion mask on a string by spitting that shit UP, and then she'll tie it to her antlers and be able to express it. Her face is segmented in five parts. Her face is ACTUALLY very bland, and she can only open her mouth and blink, but can only keep a neutral expression while doing so. When she wants to express something, her puzzle-face will instantly spin until it makes that expression, and she'll be able to express it. To me, that in general is already fucking creepy enough, so... But at least she's not like MOST Shameless that want to hurt people. She's more of a 'HEY YOU GUIISEEE CAN I BE IN THE MOOOVIIEEEE' kinda person.
(Btw, she's not really that chubby. She's just kinda... chibified in this picture. She's actually very slender, and no, that's not her stomach. It's a stomach... plate.
Here's a better ref of her.
[link] )

Shameless Deceit
Goat/Arachnid Demon
Formerly a Sheep in her pawn life

Ohhhhh God, this bitch. Now, as for her, she was a Shameless Deceit pawn, at first. She wanted to replace the original Deceit since he was rather uneventful back in her pawn days. And she told him that if she could deceive more people than he could, that she would get the throne. He didn't believe it, and she did. She played off as a savior back in the old days when CADAVA was a fucking mortal. And--you won't believe this shit--Cadava was one of her 'disciples' and one of the people who made the magic the 'savior' used, until it came to the time that Cadava started questioning if what they were doing to their followers was good or not. That's when Ms. Deceit decided to tell the other disciples and her followers that Cadava was trying to KILL her, and soon enough Cadava was tortured and left to die on a wheel (and replaced by a new illusionist). She fooled all but one person, but she did much better than the original Shameless Deceit, and thus took his throne once she herself perished. The people who still followed her soon became her pawns, and now she's living the life.
Oh, by the way, whatever you do, DON'T say anything about Ouroboros in front of Cadava or she'll flip her shit and burn a hole in your forehead with her cigarette. -SHOT-


They're Shameless Characters (c) ~Stratolight
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Hayli-Copter Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am in love with Envy and Conformity's concepts here. Incredible.

However, lust and deceit on the other hand, to be honest, terrify me. XD

Great characters you've made here.
Stratophobia Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehe, I'm glad you are! X''DD

And they're definitely supposed to do that LOL. They're one of the nastiest there, so they deserve the nightmare fuelish appearance. X'D

Thank you so much! <333
Hayli-Copter Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome! C:
I'm glad you did give them the nightmarish appearance, you can definitely tell what they represent at first sight. :D It matches up perfectly.
Kuma-Bei Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Student General Artist
Once again, sweet designs here! the bios for these characters seem very well thought out too. Design wise i have to see I like conformity and lust the best out of these four. don't get me wrong, all of them are sweet, but those two seem...whats the word for it?.....not sure. I guess they just appeal to me more. although i do have to ask; what made you decide to make lust a dolphin/ox/swan?
Stratophobia Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! <333

And yeah, I prefer Swetch/Conformity out of most of mine. X'DDD SHEEZ MAH BABEEY.

As for the animals I chose for Lust, dolphins have a sense of pleasure, ox's have high libido... I think. Yeah. 8V -SHOT-
And it was said that Zeus once turned into a swan to rape somebody, so...
Kuma-Bei Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Student General Artist
O_o?!...Zeus turned into a swan to do what now?!?! I've never heard that before!
First-time-artist Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I absolutely love this!
Olive-Owl Featured By Owner May 23, 2012  Student Filmographer
Really loving these character designs and biographies! Lust and Envy seem to stand out to me the most, seeing how Envy's lanky, genderless (and the fact she's a Jackalope) appearance looks quite surreal, and Lust seems unsettling since she's basically a pile of sexualized organs. Very interesting concepts going on! :nod:

Just out of curiosity, did you pick what animals they were for a specific reason? I think I can understand why you created Lust as a swan/dolphin/ox hybrid, (seeing as swan represents beauty, and dolphins and oxes are the few mammals that enjoy intercourse) but I don't know why characters like Conformity/Swetch are a caribou creature. Any particular reason why you chose caribou for her, or did you just want to make a character that animal?
Stratophobia Featured By Owner May 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

In some cases I did, in others I didn't. X'DD Now, at first, I just made Swetch into a caribou because I wanted to make something that could have antlers (so she could hold the masks in some kinda way), and being that most female deer don't have antlers and caribou/reindeer actually do, I made her that.
But when I come to think about it, reindeer and caribou move about in ridiculously large numbers, right? And usually, conformity has something to do with 'following something and going around with the group'.
And Swetch is a lone caribou that is DESPERATE to fit in, therefore she seeks the feeling of fitting in through conformity.

Now as for Envy as a jackalope...
Well, she's just a jackalope. LOL. But then I guess you could say she can be envious because her species isn't even considered a REAL species, and other animals get the priviledge to not be labelled 'cryptid'.
Olive-Owl Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Student Filmographer
You're welcome!

Ahhhh ok then. I never thought of the caribou moving in groups like that, but now that you mention it the symbolism can make sense in this situation. Definitely good brainstorming there. :)

Understandable. The jackalope is also considered the whole misfit theme too, considering they don't exist. That would make her feel lonely and envious of others around her.
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